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jay mcguerty author of netowrk field survival guide - the way of the packet headshotJay McGuerty has over 20 years of commercial & DoD, network design, implementation, security & performance analysis, including five years supporting the White House Communications Agency.


 “Your ability to solve network problems will be no better than your network diagram.”

“Expecting consultants & network management tools to solve your network problems is

like buying a spray can of ‘Clean My Garage’ at the hardware store. They rarely live up
to the hype.:”
“Common sense is a vanishing skill. “Silver bullets” won’t fix problems if you won’t take
care of the basics for pennies”.
“Doing excellent work is more a function of your attitude than the letters after your name.”
“Don’t just think outside of the box, re-shape the box”
Jay McGuerty (c) 1998-2015

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